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Who's this "Kat?"

     Kat on the Web, Kat Armendariz, a creative studio photographer in Las Vegas.


     She has a passion to create out-of-the-box portraiture and to give women an experience that will be a stepping stone to new found confidence.


     Her photo studio sits in the heart of Las Vegas where she gets to work with incredible clients from all over the globe.


     hushXpose offers an all­-inclusive Hollywood experience where Kat and her all­-female team work with clients one­-on­-one to create custom sets and scenes tailored to their clients.



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Abby Pollock; Fitness Influencer as seen on Dr. Oz.


Angelina Altishin; Little Egypt; Pro Wrestler as seen on the original Glow TV series.


Nevada Federation of Women


James Washington; Publisher of F.L.O.D. Spotlight Magazine 


Marsha Warfield; Comedian & actress. As seen on the TV series, Night Court.


Martha Wash; American singer-songwriter.


Norma Jean Wright; American singer.


Linda Clifford; American R&B, disco and house music singer and actress.


Jodie Rocco; Musical Artist from the music groups: 

Milli VanilliThe Real Milli VanilliThe Flirts

Shane Mosley Jr.; Professional Boxer

Molly Stewart; IMDb actress.

Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quinone; IMDb Actor & Dancer

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